Debt Advice

We can help! No problem is too big or too small...

A Logical Step-By-Step Process

With Money Mentors and CMA Hub qualified Debt Advisers

Lifeline Debt Advice has trained money mentors who work with you and the Hub debt advisers to provide a logical step by step process to assess your available options acting with your best interests at heart at all times.

We will support you through the steps you need to take to carry out your chosen manageable debt solution..

1. Make an appointment

2. Helps us understand your financial situation

3. Prioritise

4. Choose a debt Solution Option

5. Take control of your finances

You are not alone

We can Help

Many people are struggling with debt. Many people feel anxious about their debt and say that it affects their mental health.

Many people do not feel able to speak to their creditors and feel threatened 

count on us

We Work with You

For many people, acknowledging that they need help is the first step in dealing with a problem. Anything you tell us will be confidential, and we won’t take any actions without your permission.


Free Debt Advice

We offer a friendly, non-judgmental free debt advice service – you need not struggle on your own

Lifeline giving confidential debt advice


Questions & Answers

Phone, text or email to ask for an appointment

Our debt advice service is free. If an insolvency option is the chosen debt solution there will be a fee to pay to the Insolvency Service.

Read the Client Privacy Notices for Lifeline here, and Community Money Advice here.

The service we offer is a face to face service, but some follow-up actions may be by telephone, email or post.

We strive to help our clients who are struggling with debt

So, let's us help you to take control

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